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This is the page where you can find out many random and some useful facts about potatoes!!!

If you have any, please let me know and we can all be educated in the world of the potato!!!!

Potatoes are Healthy!

Per 100 grams

Boiled pasta = 104 kcal

Boiled rice = 123 kcal

Boiled Potatoes = 75 kcal!!!!!!!

In the UK each person will eat an average of 103kg of potatoes as year.

 That's 500 medium sized spuds!!!

A baked potato (with skin) provides 4 grams of fibre!
We are the third largest consumer of potatoes in Europe

Potatoes provide:

Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium and fibre

Compared to potatoes grown in exporting countries, British potatoes used 71% less water!
During the second world war Fish and Chips were the only food not to be rationed!!!
The world largest potato was grown in Germany weighing a massive 3.2 kg!! That's 15 medium sized potatoes!

Most potatoes held in one hand ........... 11!!!!

Potatoes first came to Europe in 1586
Just under the skin is where most of the nutrients are, so make sure you eat those baked potato skins!!
The toy Mr Potato head was first sold in 1952
Potatoes are 80% water and only 20% solid!
Germans eat twice as many potatoes as Americans!
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