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Spital farm has been in the Moore family since the 1930's. Originally used for vegetable production, it now concentrates on potato production with the addition of a packing plant. The light soil of the Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire area allows us to grow potatoes with good skin quality for the fresh produce market.

The farm has 4 irrigation licences allowing us to irrigate about 60 hectares of potatoes a year and so producing a quality crop. With water being a very important input the irrigation is closely managed to ensure that the crop has the water that it requires without any water being wasted, or causing erosion of the soil.


The farm is CMi certified. This means that the products are grown and packed to the 'Red Tractor Farm Assurance' standard. This is recognised in the industry as being a safe way of producing food and looking after the environment. More information on the standards can be found at www.myredtractor.co.uk

The farm is also part of the 'Entry Level Stewardship' which is an environmental scheme. This helps us to provide natural habitats for wildlife and encourage a wide range of species in the farm. We do this in a number of different ways including putting awkward field corners into grassland that create wildlife habitats, leaving stubble over winter to provide food for birds and reducing the cutting of hedges.


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